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Radiance simulation for scan (perpendicular to propagation direction) - case A

Line along which simulation is performed.

MYSTIC setup

  • US standard atmosphere
  • wavelength 555nm
  • albedo: 0.05
  • solar zenith angle: 40°, solar azimuth angle: 0°
  • viewing zenith angle: -60° - +60°, viewing azimuth angles: 0°, 180°
  • enabled variance reduction vroom
  • backward mode
  • sensor altitude: 2.4 km

Result for multiple scattering

Contour plot of scanned radiances along the line showed above. The viewing angles vary from -60° to +60°.
Some individual scans (lines from contour plot above.

Result for single scattering

Some individual scans. Here only single scattering is taken into account. Obvioulsy there are large differences between single and multiple scattering, also for Q!!!
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