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Ideas for studies

  • Investigate, how size distributions from cloud resolving models should be converted to optical properties (approximate gamma distribution, average over optical properties of individual size bins … )
  • Raman scattering in MYSTIC
  • Lee 2013: Polarization measurements are simulated using polradtran, differences could not been explained. Look at details and check whether MYSTIC gives more accurate results. — Claudia 2013/10/24 14:27
  • Investigate the effect of multiple scattering on APS / RPS
    This could be done by calculating individual scattering orders with MYSTIC and check when the polarized radiance converges to the final result (similar to step cloud simulation)
  • Investigate whether polarized cloud properties retrieval is less influenced by 3D effects compared to Nakajima/King (see email B. Cairns, 13.10.2010)
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