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SWIR Carbon Observation Retrieval Model Intercomparison Project (SCORE-MIP)

Documents provided by Hartmut Boesch, University of Leicester
Computation directory
RT Setup
  • All calculations performed using libRadtran (
  • Contribution to accurate RT cases, scalar (DISORT and MYSTIC), vector (MYSTIC)
  • for DISORT 32 streams and second order intensity correction are used


  • For MYSTIC with polarization the noise for Q in clear-sky atmosphere is large, because photons reflected at the surface only contribute to I, not to Q –> include some importance sampling method to enhance Rayleigh scattering?
  • Optical properties (aerosol_files can be used for scalar calculations) can not be specified in the required way (spectral ssa, spectral altitude dependent tau, constant phase matrix)
    • best solution now: optprop_file including spectral ssa, const phamat, ext=1, use wc.dat to specify tau (but this could only be done sequentially for all wavelengths, much overhead).
    • may be better: make a aerosol_files option for phase matrix (but this requires too much memory).
5 spectral ranges


First results: libradtran.tar.gz

  1. DISORT:
    • Cases A-E, scalar, no sun glint
  2. MYSTIC:
    • Cases A,B,E, scalar, no sun glint
    • Cases A,B,E, vector, including sun glint


  • MYSTIC scalar for sun glint to be done
  • DISORT for sun glint to be done
  • MYSTIC ice clouds with more photons
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