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The warming Arctic is investigated with the aircraft campaign HALO-AC3



(Credit: DLR / Minikin CC-BY 3.0)

Beginning of March to mid of April, the end of the arctic winter is the focus of the measurement campaign HALO-(AC)3. The institute's imaging spektrometer specMACS is flying on board of the German research Aircraft HALO. Based in Kiruna in Northern Sweden the North Atlantic between Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland and the Pole is investigated using specMACS and a number of different remote sensing instruments and so-called drop sondes. In coordination with other national and international partners and their aircraft based in Kiruna and Svalbard the exchange of cold and warm airmasses and the related cloud development between Arctic and Mid-latitudes is observed. A better understanding of these transports is decisive for reliable predictions of future climate change as part of the global warming in Europe and the Arctic.