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The following content is the part of the Faculty of Physics course programme which is offered by the Meteorological Institute. Here you can find most current information and changes. Complete overview over the full course of study can be found at the LSF (Lehre Studium Forschung) system of the LMU

The courses of past semesters and the planned courses for the upcoming semester can be found here: Lecture archive and plans.

Course programme for winter semester 2023/2024

Start Number Bachelor Lecturer Modules (new)
18.10.202317028Meteorologie II
Mi. 14-16 u. Do. 10-11, B101
Mayer, ZinnerP12
19.10.202317029Übungen zu Meteorologie II
Do. 11-12, B101
20.10.202317030Synoptik I
Fr. 10-12, B101
25.10.202317031 Dynamische Meteorologie II
Mi. 14-16 u. Do. 10-11, A248
26.10.202317032Übungen zu Dynamische Meteorologie II
Do. 11-12, A248
24.10.202317033Numerische Modellierung
Di. 12-14 u. Mi. 10-12, B101
14.11.202317034Übungen zu Numerische Modellierung
Di. 12-14 (14-tägig), B101
16.10.202317057 Wissenschaftliches Programmieren für Meteorologen
Mo. 14-16 Raum A245,
17.10.202317266Meteorologisches Kolloquium
nach besonderem Plan - siehe Webseiten der Meteorologie
Di. 17-19, B101
Dozent/in der Meteorologie
Start Number Master Lecturer Modules (new)
17.10.202317146Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics
Di. 12-14 u. Do. 12-14, A248
1810.202317147Übungen zu Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics
Mi. 12-14, A248
N.N. P2
16.10.202317148Advanced Atmospheric Physics
Mo. 14-16 u. Di. 10-12, A248
16.10.202317149Übungen zu Advanced Atmospheric Physics
Mo. 16-18, A248
Mayer, OckenfußP1
23.10.202317150Climate change processes in the stratosphere
Mo. 8-10, A248
DamerisWP5, WP6, WP7, WP15
17.10.202317151The Middle Atmosphere in the Climate System
Di. 14-16, A248
RappWP5, WP6, WP7, WP15
25.10.202317152Klimaänderung I
Mi. 16-18, A248
SausenWP5, WP6, WP15
16.10.202317153Boundary Layer Meteorology
Mo. 10-12, A248
HoffmannWP6, WP7, WP8, WP17
18.10.202317154Atmospheric Aerosol
Mi. 8-10, A248
GroßWP6, WP7, WP8, WP17
18.10.202317155Physical parameterizations in atmospheric models
Mi. 10-12, A248
SavreWP5, WP6, WP7
16.10.202317156Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing Techniques
Mo. 10-12 u. Mi. 14-16 Raum A245,
20.10.202317157Meteorological Satellites
Fr. 10-12, A248
KneifelWP6, WP7, WP8, WP17
09.10. - 13.10.202317158Atmospheric Physics for Physicists
Mo.-Fr. 9-18, A248
Craig, MayerWP6, WP7
19.10.202317159Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Change
Do. 14-16, A248
Nützel, SchmidtWP5, WP7, WP8, WP17
16.10.202317212Seminar on Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamics and Climate
on ongoing projects (e.g. Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis), note separate programme
Mo. 12-14, A248
19.10.202317213Seminar on Theoretical Meteorology
on ongoing projects (e.g. Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis), note separate programme
Do. 14-16, B101
Craig, Keil
20.10.202317214Seminar on radiative transfer and remote sensing
on ongoing projects (e.g. Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis), note separate programme
Fr. 14-16, B101
Zinner, Mayer
19.10.202317215Seminar on remote sensing of trace gases
on ongoing projects (e.g. Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis), note separate programme
Do. 10-12 Raum A234/235,
17.10.202317266Meteorological Colloquium
according to a special plan
Di. 17-19, B101
Dozent/in der Meteorologie

Academic counseling:
Christian Keil (Off. A224, Tel. 2180-4447), Tobias Zinner (Off. A222, Tel. 2180-4289)
as well as all professors by appointment

B101 = seminar room B 101 Theresienstraße 39/ 1st floor
B051 = lecture hall B 051 Theresienstraße 37/ ground floor
A248 = seminar room A248 Theresienstraße 37/ 2nd floor