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Meteorological Institute Munich


Impact of Radar Data Assimilation and Orography on Predictability of Deep Convection. 
Deep convection represents a classic example of limited predictability on the convective scale. We investigate the potential impact of assimilating radar observations. More...


Cloud droplet growth in shallow cumulus clouds considering 1-D and 3-D thermal radiative effects

The effect of 1-D and 3-D thermal radiation on cloud droplet growth in shallow cumulus clouds is investigated using large eddy simulations with size-resolved cloud microphysics. More...


Soil Moisture - Precipitation Coupling over Central Europe: Interactions between
surface anomalies at different scales and its dynamical implication

In a recent publication the sign of soil moisture-precipitation coupling and its scale dependence is examined. More...


Estimation of the variability of mesoscale energy spectra with three years of COSMO-DE analyses

In our recent paper we investigate the variability of the spectrum using three years of COSMO-DE kilometer-resolution analyses. More...


Project IcePolCKa started - polarimetric radar observations

In IcePolCKa, part of the DFG priority program PROM, we investigate how novel radar observations can be used to improve weather forecasts. More ...