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ACTRIS - The New European Research Infrastructure for Monitoring Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace Gases

Any numerical models, such as weather forcast, climate or air quality models, heavily rely on high-quality observational data for validation and improving their internal physics. Such high-quality datasets are also extremely valuable for research as for example done at LMU in order to better understand the complex atmospheric processes between aerosols, clouds, and trace gases. ACTRIS is an European wide initiative to establish a research infrastructure which will provide such long-term data in the upcoming years. The MIM at LMU is part of the German contribution ACTRIS-D funded by the Federal ministry of Education and Research. This national consortium consists of 11 German partners. At LMU, we focus on the monitoring of cloud and aerosol characteristics. Two LMU sub-groups work as Topical Centres as part of the networks competence centres on "Automatic Low-power lidar and Ceilometer (CARS-ALC)" and "Advanced High-power aerosol Lidars (CARS-AHL)". A third group is working on the installation of a National Facility for 24/7 provision of high-quality observations of aerosol and cloud properties of the atmosphere combining various remote sensing methods


CARS supports ACTRIS National Facilities and ACTRIS users operating advanced high-power aerosol lidars via training and consultancy on quality assurance for all measurements.


CARS supports the Automatic Lidar and Ceilometer community and ACTRIS National Facilities in the implementation of an operational quality assurance and quality control.

ACTRIS LMU National Facility

Set up of a supersite for cloud and aerosol remote sensing: Automated measurements with multi-wavelength lidar and cloud radars, ceilometers, microwave radiometer, etc.