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Trace Gases (Prof. Wenig)

The trace gas research group focuses on the remote sensing of air pollutants and other atmospheric parameters with the aim to further the understanding of the anthropogenic impact on the environment, especially the climate system and the atmospheric composition. The research activities include ground based and satellite based differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) measurements for air pollution monitoring, radiative transfer modelling, chemical transport simulations and digital image processing.

The working group is part of the Chair of Experimental Meteorology (Prof. Mayer).


  • Satellite measurements using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Chemical transport modelling and assimilation methods to determine source intensities
  • Ground-based measurements using long path, multi-axis and cavity-enhanced DOAS
  • Inversion methods of indirect DOAS measurements (\MAX-DOAS, Tomographie-DOAS)
  • Analysis of dynamical processes using Satellite imagery sequences (transport processes of emission clouds, weekly cycles)