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Tropical Meteorology (Prof. Smith)

The main research goal of the Tropical Meteorology group is an improved understanding of tropical cyclones.

The working group is part of the Chair of Experimental Meteorology (Prof. Mayer).

Dynamics of Tropical Cyclones

We are studying the basic dynamical and thermodynamical processes of tropical cyclones.

Tropical Lows

In some regions of the Tropics, especially over Australia during the monsoon season, tropical lows develop over land. We are studying basic dynamical and thermodynamical processes of these lows also and have shown that they are similar in structure to tropical cyclones.

Heat Lows, Heat Troughs

Heat lows or heat troughs develop over arid regions of the Tropics and Subtropics. We have investigated the basic dynamics of these lows.

Tropical Cloud Lines

Special types of cloud lines occur frequently over northern Australia. One example is the „Morning Glory“. These clouds are associated with an atmospheric undular Bore. We have carried out much research into these cloud lines including field experiments.

Subtropical and Tropical Cold Fronts

Over the Australian continent, cold fronts can penetrate deep into the tropics. These fronts are shallow, have a large diurnal variation in strength and can generate Morning Glories. We have investigated the behaviour of these cloud lines based on the analysis of data from field experiments and numerical simulations.