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Annual Meeting of “Waves to Weather” (SFB TRR 165)



The scientists of the Collaborative Research Centre "Waves to Weather" and a few international colleagues met from 8-10 November 2021 in Eibelstadt, close to Würzburg, and online to present and discuss their latest results and research plans. With ca. 90 participants, the meeting was for the first time in hybrid format. For a few early career scientists in W2W, this was the first occasion to meet colleagues in person since the start of the second funding phase of W2W (1 Jul. 2019). The poster sessions were very lively and many fruitful discussions, and even ideas for new collaborations took place during these sessions. Three international guests, Carolyn Reynolds (US Naval Research Laboratory), Jill Johnson (Univ. Sheffield, England), Douglas Parker (Univ. Leeds, England) and Ron McTaggart-Cowan (Canadian Meteorological Center) gave a keynote presentation to expand the horizon of W2W. Towards the end of the meeting, the participants had a chance to reflect on their communication skills and to train them at a workshop on "social media and scientific communication".