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The L. F. Richardson Prize 2019 of the British Royal Meteorological Society is awarded to Dr Gerard Kilroy (MIM)


Dr Gerard Kilroy receives the 2019 Richardson Prize for his paper entitled "A unified view of tropical cyclogenesis and intensification" Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc., 143: 450–462, January 2017. The paper is ground-breaking because it has been previously assumed that tropical cyclogenesis and tropical intensification are separate
processes. This view is reflected in all previous World Meteorological Organization Workshops on Tropical Cyclones going back to 1985, where genesis and intensification are always treated as separate topics.

Dr Kilroy’s paper is strongly befitting of the L. F. Richardson Prize, not only because it is based on numerical simulation of the governing primitive equations, but because it has opened up a whole new avenue of research in which Dr Kilroy has taken the lead role. Indeed, five further papers on this topic have already been published in the Quarterly Journal, four of them with Dr Kilroy as lead author and the other with his Master’s student as lead author.