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Numerical Simulations

A hierarchy of several numerical weather models is used for research in the working groups “Atmospheric Dynamics” and “Data Assimilation”. In close cooperation with the German Weather Service (DWD), we use the regional weather forecasting model COSMO and the global model ICON for research purposes. For data assimilation experiments, the DWD-developed KENDA (Kilometer-scale Ensemble Data Assimilation) System is used. Predictability experiments are based on COSMO-DE-EPS and KENDA ensemble forecasts. Furthermore, the LES model EULAG and shallow water models are in use.



(Links) COSMO-DE domain (Mitte) Schematik eines Ensembles mit unterschiedlichen Randbedingungen und physikalischen Parameterisierungen (Rechts) ICON Gitter

(Left) COSMO-DE domain (middle) Schematic of an ensemble system with different boundary conditions and physical parameters (right) ICON grid

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