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Meteorological Institute Munich


Stochastic Parameterization of Processes Leading to Convective Initiation in Kilometer-Scale Models

Predicting convective precipitation (e.g. typical summer thunderstorms) with numerical weather prediction models is limited by their ability to initiate convection. For this initiation small-scale processes in the atmospheric boundary layer are particularly important. (More...)

bachmann_etal_20Figure: Observed and forecast precipitation intensity at 17 UTC on 29 May 2016

Predictability of Deep Convection
In this publication, we investigate the predictability of convection with the quasi-operational high-resolution ensemble weather forecasting system COSMO-KENDA in both idealized and real world scenarios. (More...)


Thermal 3D radiative transfer for non-rectangular model grids

Radiation drives weather and climate of our planet. Due to the high computational cost, radiative transfer is treated poorly in most atmospheric models. More...