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NameFirst nameTitleResearch topicTelephoneE-MailHomepage
DamatoSandrostudent E-Mail
EmdeClaudiaDr.089 2180 4098 E-Mail
FreudenthalerVolkerDr.089 2180 4297 E-Mail
GarhammerMarkus089 2180 4364 E-Mail
GeißAlexanderDr.ACTRIS Central Facility, Lidar, Ceilometer089 2180 4635 E-Mail
GregorPhilippPhd Student: energy meteorology, irradiance forecast089 2180 4386 E-Mail
GöddeFelixPhD Student: energy meteorology: solar energy, radiative transfer089 2180 4440 E-Mail
HoffmannFabianDr.Emmy Noether Junior Research Group, Cloud Physics, Turbulence, Modeling089 2180 4580 E-Mail
JakubFabianDr.089 2180 4574 E-Mail
KainzJohannesPhD: Cloud physics, turbulence, modelling 089 2180 4679 E-Mail
KneifelStefanDr.ACTRIS Head, Radar remote sensing089 2180 4344 E-Mail
KöcherGregorPhD student: radar remote sensing, numerical weather modelling089 2180 4363 E-Mail
KöpkePeterDr. (i. R.)Head of the UV group, radiation transfer model STAR, OPAC optical properties of aerosols, GADS global aerosol data set, aerosol climatology089 2180 4367 E-Mail
LexAntonHead of Workshop089 2180 4246 E-Mail
LimJung-SubPhD: Cloud physics, turbulence, modelling089 2180 4679 E-Mail
LössleinHeinzi.R.Micrometeorological measurements, Garching Tower, E-Mail
MaierRichardPhD student: Radiative transfer, radiation in weather models, W2W089 2180 4581 E-Mail
ManevMihailPhD student: Radiative transfer, radiation in weather models, W2W089 2180 4440 E-Mail
MayerBernhardProf. Dr.089 2180 4383 E-Mail
MeierSophieStudent: E-Mail
OckenfußPaulPhD student: radar remote sensing089 2180 4386 E-Mail
PörtgeVeronikaPhD student: Cloud remote sensing, specMACS089 2180 4581 E-Mail
QuenzelHeinrichem. Prof. Dr.Former head of the division (retired)089 2180 4362, priv. ++49/89/3135710 E-Mail
SiomosNikolaosDr.ACTRIS Central Facility, Lidar089 2180 4574 E-Mail
UbeleAlmastudent E-Mail
VolkmerLeaMaster student: Cloud remote sensing, radiative transfer E-Mail
WeberAnnaPhD: specMACS polarisation remote sensing E-Mail
ZinnerTobiasDr. 089 2180 4289 E-Mail
von TerziLeonie E-Mail