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Specialisation Atmospheric Physics for M.Sc. Physics

The Meteorological Institute is part of the Faculty of Physics and offers a specialisation subject "Atmospheric Physics" as part of the optional course porgamme of the Master of Physics. In order to obtain a specialisation certificate "Atmospheric Physics", in addition to your Master of Physics degree, 20 hours per week/ 30 ECTS have to be chosen from the dedicated optional course programme and a Master thesis in the subject area has to be completed.

Within the Specialisation Atmospheric Physics two general fields of research are possible. 1. Numerical weather forecast and data assimilation ("W+D") and 2. Atmosphere and Climate ("A+K"). In order to be able to provide orientation on these two, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the field, we recommend the participation in "Introduction into Atmospheric Physics for Physicists". This is a one week block course ahead of the start of the teaching term in winter semester.

With the final certificate on the Specialisation Atmospheric Physics focus on one of the two fields is recommended. At least, one 9 ECTS and one 6 ECTS lecture - preferably from the same field - have to be chosen in winter and summer semester. Remaining contributions can come the complete range of optional lectures of the Meteorology (all 3, 6 or 9 ECTS courses).

Course of studies:

Option ahead of WiSe (3 ECTS). Can be replaced by any other section C course:

Introduction to Atmospheric Physics for Physicists (block course, 2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)

A: winter semester - at least one 9 ECTS:

W+D: Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics (6 SWS/ 9 ECTS):
A+K: Advanced Atmopsheric Physics (6 SWS/ 9 ECTS)

B: summer semester - at least one 6 ECTS lecture, preferably from the field chosen in winter semester:

W+D: Data assimilation (4 SWS/ 6 ECTS)
W+D: Numerical Weather Prediction (4 SWS/ 6 ECTS)
A+K: Clouds - Microphysics and Convectionn (4 SWS/ 6 ECTS)
A+K: Adv. Observation and data analysis methods (4 SWS/ 6 ECTS)
A+K: Objective data analysis in the atmospheric and climate sciences (4 SWS/ 6 ECTS)

C: sommer or winter semester 12 (or 15) ECTS.

Free choice from all 3, 6 ECTS or 9 ECTS courses (also from A or B) of the Meteorology at Master level. E.g.:

Climate change processes and climate modeling (4 SWS/ 6 ECTS)

Adv. Atmopsheric Dynamics, Part 2 (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Physical parameterizations in atmospheric models (2 SWS / 3 ECTS)
Active Remote Sensing (Lidar, Radar) (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
General Circulation and Climate Change (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Boundary Layer Meteorology (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Atmosperic Aerosol (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
The Middle Atmosphere in the Climate System (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Variability of the ozone layer (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Aviation and Climate (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)
Natural Disasters - Biometeorology (2 SWS/ 3 ECTS)

(Offers in C are subject to change. Status 2021. In case of doubt ask the student counselling).